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HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo


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Note: This “Backlit keyboard” is associated with membrane keyboard where all keys are same membrane and backlit is like a central light shared by all.
The letters are not backlit. But the bold, bright characters make the keys easier to read—even if you have less than perfect vision.
With 19 anti-ghosting key: Simultaneous operation of up to 19 keys without conflict; 5 multimedia keys, interchangeable "WASD" keys and WIN keys can be disabled for gaming.
Supported operating systems range from Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 /Win10/Mac OS (Please Note:the multimediakeys just work for files on Windows)
Non-slip & Spill-Resistant Design
Underthe keyboard, there are two rubberized holders to prevent it from slip. Drainage Holes in the back, protects your keyboard from runaway liquids.
Keyboard Light Can be Turn off Click Fn + Esc to adjust the 3 lights modes. Breathing 7 color, solid 7 colors or lights off as you like.
Mouse Durable braided cord.
Micro switches provide crisp, firm clicks.
Plug-and-play,no additional software of firmware is required.
Unique‘breathing’LED light provides a soothing and calming ambient light. Four different colors provide a constantly changing and unique look.
Gold-plated connector,ensure the stable connection and low latency.
7 Circular and Colorful Breathing Effect Red, Green, Blue, Yollow, Purple, Cyan, Pink (Warm tips: can not set in one specific color)
Light-off mode: forward/back button +DPI
With DPI switch flashing indicator function: 800 (Red), 1200 (Green), 2400 (Blue), 3200 (Purple).